The Construction Industry Council (CIC) was formed in 1991 by the six construction professional and member organisations with the aim of providing a united voice for research and policy on the Irish construction sector.

The Council was instrumental in the creation of the ‘Strategic Review of the Construction Industry’ (1996), the ‘Forum for the Construction Industry (1997-2006)’, ‘Jobs and Infrastructure: A Plan for National Recovery’ (2009), and ‘Building a Better Ireland: Investing in Infrastructure and the Built Environment to support Ireland’s smart economy’ (2010).

The overarching aims of the CIC are to deal with issues of common interest for the construction industry, and to act as the cohesive voice for the sector on high-level policy issues by engaging with stakeholders accordingly.

The CIC complements the work of Council members by undertaking strategic reports, engaging external expertise and providing a united voice on mutual areas of concern and interest.

This website contains reports and documents produced by the CIC and its members. It also provides links to other useful sources of information on the Irish construction sector and built environment. Taken together, these diverse reports provide useful information and policy recommendations on a wide range of issues affecting the Irish construction sector.

This website has been set up to act as a portal for the work of the Council and its members, and to provide information, reports and data on the construction industry.